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CashGold: A perfect way to give everyone access to gold, even with small amounts. Gold is one of the rarest commodities in the world

Gold is in demand. A must for many investors. “As a tangible asset, gold belongs in every well-managed portfolio,” says Harald Seiz, head of Karatbars International. The company currently gives tips on what gold buyers should be looking for. You can buy gold online¬†

buy gold online
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Gold is one of the rarest commodities in the world. Since time immemorial, gold has been the cause of wars, conflicts, and economic success. “In times of crisis, gold is not only a means of securing currency and existence”, says Harald Seit, “it is also a mirror of uncertain times”.
This is also reflected in its price. The higher the price of gold, the greater the danger for the global ecosystem. “Since gold, as we know today, is endless, demand drives the prices, says Harald Seiz. His company Karatbars International has made it its goal to give everyone access to gold.
Karatbars International has therefore developed CashGold. Seiz: “A perfect way to give everyone access to gold, even with small amounts”. Seiz knows the history on his side: Whenever currencies weakened or even collapsed, trading gold, even in small quantities, took over as a means of payment and trade.
That is why gold is so valuable:

  • Gold is a tangible asset. You can hold gold in your hand and everyone knows that the investment is real.
  • Gold has high liquidity and can be sold easily.

The price of gold also rises in times of crisis, like the coronavirus now. For the first time since 2013, gold has passed the 1,700 dollar mark.
Gold is a security, not an object of speculation. The price of gold can fluctuate. This is also due to the fact that the precious metal is traded worldwide by states and major investors. The same applies to everyone: gold investors are patient.
For this reason, they should invest in gold if the precious metal is not touched for a few years. It is not an object of speculation and the value actually depends on the development of some states and the political environment. Not to forget the professional doomsday prophets.
Time is a factor. When is the best time to buy gold? The answer is as clear: always. If only because gold is a long-term commodity. Because no one knows which crises will trigger new heights and the demand for God will continue to rise. Science has proven that gold is finite. The consequence: permanently rising prices.
Harald Seiz: “Karatbars customers know about the advantages. They know their chances and possibilities. Gold is like insurance. For good or bad times.”
For average investors, it is possible to buy gold completely anonymously. The purchase of gold in “small” denominations is completely legal and does not require the disclosure of personal information. This offers investors more security and privacy.
Large investors are subject to different rules, which are not uniformly defined worldwide. Gold in large quantities does not only depend on availability, location, and price. It also depends on where and how the gold is actually stored safely. To this day, Switzerland is considered a safe haven for gold. With the means of the popular vote, Switzerland has a sharp weapon at its disposal. It is virtually impossible that the Swiss would ever agree to gold being confiscated.

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