Instant crypto transactions without the worry of market volatility.

Gain access to a transparent and decentralized exchange system on the Blockchain.

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Accept Crypto Payments with just a simple scan

There are no fees because of the Smart AI Trading covering any costs

KCB Bank Coin

Top crypto coins payments: BTC, ETH & KBC without the risk of volatile markets

Unlike most credit card providers who take 30 days or more to pay their merchants

Karat Gold Coin

Powerful Features

Everything you need from a payment solution provider.

K-Merchant is not point of sale feature – but an entire crypto payment system.

One-Click Payments

Instant purchases, with no need to reenter card details

Tailored Checkout

Your logo, your brand colors, your unique user experience (UX)

Safe & Secure

PCI-DSS compliance, 24/7 fraud monitoring

Quality Focused

Seamless UX and continuous conversion rate optimization (CRO)

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Accepting payments was never this simple and easy

Innovative Dashboard

Access to multiple providers and banks, with a single integration


Easy to Integrate Plugins

Add cryptocurrency payments to your website using our customizable modules integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms

What's The Cost?

K-Merchant is completely free for the first 6 months, then $200 a year.

That’s it! No hidden costs or fees.

Get started today and get ahead of the competition!

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