Inflation cannot affect the persistent lasting value of Gold

The ever-growing demand for Gold guarantees a continuous growth of value The ever-growing demand and time-tested value of Gold ensures a safe, secure and guaranteed growth option,  An ounce of Gold 100 years ago would buy the same amount of products and services it does today.     If not more.  In the early 100’s Gold sold for $35 per ounce.  Which would you rather have in your saving vault today?    An ounce of Gold or $35 ???  Doesn’t it just make sense to protect your wealth with Gold? Gold is exempt from the negative effects of Inflation.     It is experiencing an historic supply and demand ratio resulting in continual growth in value.  This precious metal is utilized as a means of payment;    investment; protection from Inflation; and is a core component in advancing technological development-all simultaneously raising the demand.   Start building your wealth today by opening a free Gold account. Click here  
GOLD PRICES rose against all major currencies on Friday, showing a small weekly gain versus the US Dollar at $1735 and breaking above £1400 for UK investors as world stock markets rose to cut last week’s drop in half on further easing of Covid-19 lockdown rules.
Euro gold prices edged 0.4% higher for the week to €1543 per ounce.
With shops, bars and restaurants now open across much of the European Union, the British government downgraded the novel-coronavirus alert to level 3 – “a big moment for the country” according to health secretary Matt Hancock.

Have you heard about Section 408(m)(3)?

 It’s a little-known cousin of Section 401(k) of IRS code. I like to call it the “cheat code” that unlocks investments you simply can’t find on Wall Street. Here’s what I mean…

Section 408(m)(3) lets you open a Precious Metals “Self Directed” IRA and put REAL gold and silver into a tax-advantaged account.

Here are three good reasons to consider this IRS “cheat code”…

#1: Gold protects against stock crashes.

#2: Unlike the dollar, gold maintains its purchasing power over time.

#3: If something catastrophic happens to the dollar, gold can be used as currency around the world.

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